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kuplat_purple_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippisKuplat_sand_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippisKuplat_orange_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippisKuplat_red_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippisKuplat_grey_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippiskuplat_transparent_yki nummi_innojok_innolux_kippis

Kuplat lamp from Yki Nummi designed in 1959. The name Kuplat means bubbles in Finnish. The lamp consists of two acrylic shades of different colours, one nesting inside the other, and is suited for many spaces. The white acrylic inner shade functions as a reflecting surface for the light and brightens the light passing through. The outer transparent acrylic shade comes in different colours. The lamp is available in smoke grey, transparent, purple, sand, red and orange.

Along with the original Kuplat lamp, the impressive Kuplat 480, with a diameter of 480 mm, has also been put into production. The two different sizes of the Kuplat lamp and their beautiful colours provide new options for spicing up interiors.

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm
Delivery time: 1-3 weeks

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